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Youthful Adolescent

Updated: Dec 4, 2017

It can be argued that youth is omnipresent in all of us; we may have different representations of it, but at the end of the day it can be agreed that as homo sapiens, we all vie for that elixir of youth - a reminder of what defines the essence of being human.

Everyday, he still day-dreams of what might have been - right back to the fiery days of youthful adolescence, where his love of basketball overflows with endless passion. Like Mike, we all want to re-live our greatest moments of youth.

There is a tinge of child-likeness time that resonates within us in every sense, although the hustle & bustle of the society that we live in locks that feeling away, chained and suppressed by the classic mundane world.

The importance of youth is portrayed in the movie Seventeen Again. Most of us have the best/worst times during our adolescence, being the jock/nerd/geek/flower. Life was great and we believe the path ahead will be smooth sailing. However like the adage change is the only constant, things can detour from its intended path in the blink of an eye.

In the movie, Mike had a promising college basketball career, but he gave that up to chase Scarlet (his childhood crush), and started a family with her soon after. 20 years later, Mike lives a terribly dull and mundane life; he regularly complains about his job, family, and regretted giving up his ambition to become a professional basketball player. 

We hereby present Luvenis, with the theme of encasing the fountain of youth. With the dark grim design contrasting against the baby blue hands, a tinge of that same magical feeling of youth is conjured.

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