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This Christmas - Customizable Gift from The Hood

Updated: Jan 11, 2018

"Last Christmas, I gave you my heart

But the very next day you gave it away

This year, to save me from tearsI'll give it to someone special"

Madroc Hood - Christmas Collection

The song Last Christmas is a classic in its own right and it still works magical moments of delight on 25th day of December, every year; wondrous feelings of feelgood-ness are invoked by the masses (all credit to Wham! & Mariah Carey's amazing cover of it).

With the season of giving/gifting approaching, how many of you are cracking your heads to get a gift worth presenting? Whether is it a personalised gift, meaningful gift, or even a customisable gift, there are many things to consider when procuring a Christmas present for family, friends, colleagues, business partners, clients/customers and anyone that is meaningful. 

What about yourself - how are you planning for this holiday season? What about a white Christmas that you can chill it out peacefully?

Singularity - classic black strap leather women watc

Last Christmas, it took us 2.5 hours by train from Osaka to Nagano, where we took a local train to a small and whimsical village; we were going to stay there for a few nights. The streets of the little village looked like an unfinished painting - much of the canvas were still perfectly white, as if waiting for the original artist to complete it. The air was freezing cold but we couldn't stand a chance to miss the picturesque sunset. 

Singularity - classic black strap leather watch for men

Such a perfect atmosphere to have a warm cuppa at this time; watching the soft snow falling gently, with a simple watch counting down the time for dinner. 

Singularity - classic black strap leather simple watch

And the stroll to walk back to our ryokan is such a scene, as if we are objects in a snow painting. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas with the plans or any spontaneous thoughts you have in mind. Take the time off with your loved ones to recalibrate your thoughts, reflect things that had happened and revitalise your soul. Move forward, reset the scene and welcome the new year soon.

Singularity - classic black strap leather watch

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