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Texture over polish. The passion behind a Malaysian's leather-crafting trade.

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

When we first started Madroc Hood, there were plenty of strap options for consideration, such as metal, nylon, wood or even silicone straps from the manufacturer. Eventually, we decided to pair our watch with the classic leather strap.

Why the leather strap though? We can't help but fall in love with its classical texture that ages like wine. Most importantly, the leather strap blends well with any outfit perfectly. To further elaborate, a metal chain strap is best suited for formal occasions but not for casual/informal purposes, while wood and nylon straps represents the aforementioned latter. Lastly, silicone straps are the embodiment of youthfulness, and are best paired with street-wear or gym-wear.

Throughout the years of production, we constantly seek for room of improvement to iterate our product quality with new designs, resources, and materials.

In the latest strap design, we enable the strap interchangeable function, for customers to change the strap anytime to match their OOTD. We have also engraved our logo on the back of each strap.

Laser engraving of our brand on each buckle

With the great fondness in leather goods, it brought us to the attention of a local brand, TYDE that offers quality-handcrafted leather goods.

The story of TYDE

TYDE is a local leather crafting artisan, owned by two young and talented founders - Zi Xian and Joyce. Every products from TYDE is handcrafted by them with extraordinary attention to details.

Joyce and Zi Xian

We are trilled and amazed by their passion on entrepreneurship. We are inspired by their commitment to insist on the highest standard to produce the best qualify hand-crafted leather goods for their customer. In addition to that, at the age of 22 years old, they have also build a co-working space to serve the larger enterprenuer community. We are truly astounded by their work and results.

We are Artists (Co-Working Space)

The co-working space named We Are Artist is the brain child of Zi Xian. He spearheaded this project, develop and build the co-working space, and now it has became the office for a several young entrepreneurs.

The office area - the tables are made from wood board and bricks as the foundation. Ceiling panel is replaced by wood panel to uplift the cozy atmosphere.

DIY dangling lights on wood branch - The wood branch in the picture is a tree branch that Zi Xian picked up from his house. After picking up the tree branch, he convert it into a chandelier with his creativity

Workshop area - This is where the magic happen. A 12ft long craft table, entirely DIY by the two of them.

It comes with multi-purposes compartment slots

Product Display & Idea Board - This is where the idea conceive.

The Studio - It comes with a studio space for photo shooting.

Guest area - Just like any other cool office, they have a cozy area for visitors.

Zi Xian's passion in the business and the way he overcame challenges, is reminiscent of the initial period for Madroc Hood. Naysayers were saying setting up shop is high-cost, low margins and weak growth propensity. Dispelling these, albeit with grounded perseverance, we overcame multiple challenges and found our own recipe for success. There is a saying, "If all the paths are blocked, make your own path then”.

Leather Together

With our shared passion in leather goods, the folks and us at Madroc Hood and TYDE debut our first collaboration, by bringing the classic vintage leather mashup for you!

Every product from TYDE is handcrafted from genuine leather, which matches perfectly with our interchangeable leather straps.

The primary watch selection for this collaboration, is the Vintage Green and Classic Brown strap with Matte Black stainless steel case; together with TYDE’s signature cognac brown & turquoise color based product, in creating the ultimate vintage taste.

Promotion 1

Buy 1 Watch - Free 1 Genuine leather keychain

Choose 1 Matte Black leather watch (Absolute Zero / Horizon) and genuine leather strap (Brown / Vintage Green) and get 1 leather keychain with the same color.

RM350 - What you get: - 1 matte black minimalist leather watch of your choice - 1 Free leather keychain worth RM39 (Color match with watch strap color)

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Promotion 2

RM49 Off - Buy 1 watch and 1 Genuine leather wallet

Choose 1 Matte Black leather watch (Absolute Zero / Horizon) and genuine leather strap (Brown / Vintage Green) and 1 leather Journey Wallet of your color choice. 

RM420 - What you get: 

- 1 matte black minimalist leather watch worth RM350 of your choice 

- 1 leather Journey Wallet worth RM119 (Color choose from cognac brown & turquoise)

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Promotion 3

Buy 2 watches Free 1 Genuine leather watch

Choose 2 Matte Black leather watch (Absolute Zero / Horizon) and genuine leather strap (Brown / Vintage Green) and get 1 Free leather Journey Wallet of your color choice. 

RM700 - What you get: 

- 2 matte black minimalist leather watch of your choice 

- 1 Free leather Journey Wallet worth RM119 (Color choose from cognac brown & turquoise)

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While recalling a conversation with Zi Xian when I was witnessing the finishing of a production TYDE's product, staring at the product and I asked: “Is this how it is suppose to look like?"

“This is the beauty of raw finishing, it adds a flavour to the product. If you polish the leather, it will remove the raw beauty of the leather." Zi Xian explained.

This statement is very true and we can relate this to many industry, especially to the local artisan. Many consumers are brand-centric, it is in their nature behaviour to compare local designer products with well-establish/commercialised brand. In another perspective, just like how people compare Youtube Podcast with a well funded TV Show. In fact, both of these are entertainment show but offering different contents and distribution channel. It does not mean one is better than the other.

People who truly support local artisan appreciate the raw texture of the product, even it may not be as fine as expensive labels. They appreciate the authenticity and the story behind it, instead of having "just another” one unit of the mass creation.

Texture over Polished.

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