What happens when you scratch a Sapphire Crystal watch with sharp stone. Result might not shock you.

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Many wrist watches out there boast about design, strength and long-lasting batteries, one component that people often pay less attention into is the material of the watch glass. A watch glass is the transparent covering within the face that goes over the dial and protects it. Today, you will find a variety of materials that are utilized to make watch glass. They can be made from 1 of 3 common materials; mineral glass, acrylic glass and sapphire glass. Among it all, only a sapphire crystal watch steps up to the plate and distinguish the watch among the rest too.

Mineral glass scratches by sharp stone

Sapphire is the second strongest element on the Mohs’ Scale, a scale use to measure natural mineral based on the ability of one mineral to scratch another. Sapphire glass is a synthetically produced crystal second only to diamond in its hardness, making it extremely durable. It is typically grown in cylindrical sticks called boules, and is slow, expensive and energy-intensive to produce. In addition to being scratch resistant, a sapphire crystal has more ability to withstand cracks and breakage than glass or plastic. In fact, only a diamond or another sapphire can scratch the surface. Additionally, because it is so crystal clear, anti-reflective coatings can be added to both sides without any hazing or blurring of the crystal.  

Sharp stone scratches have no effect on Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire crystal watches are usually more expensive than other options used by fine watchmaker but giving your watch face some much-needed longevity is worth every penny. Due to the cost factor, you will only find this material used by luxurious watch brand. This type crystal will keep the face of your watch looking unblemished and gives it less of a chance of shattering.

With the technology used today, we are able to use ground sapphire powder to create a scratch-resistant watch glass. It makes sense for many of us that are hard on our watches with a rushing-hour lifestyle. You run from meeting to dinner, from event to the gym. You dive deep. You run fast. You play hard. Your wristwatch watch must stand up to the challenge. You should never feel held back by your wristwatch. Instead, it should help you move faster.

Madroc Hood has always prioritise the quality of every component of our watches and iterate it from time to time. Today, all of our wristwatches are using sapphire crystal to provide more durable, anti-scratch and with an impeccably clear watch face. With this, you are able to enjoy a minimalist wrist watch with high-end grade components blended with it, that usually cost more than RM600 onwards. We’ve done enormous research to test, negotiate and acquire the best quality sapphire crystal watch face with the best price. We aspired to bring the best value of wristwatch at a selling price at a great value with the sapphire crystal watch face.

Singularity (Matte Black Case) with Navy Blue Strap

We bring to you a timeless masterpiece that is both stylish and functional, with its sapphire crystal watch face, stainless steel 39mm case, Swiss movement RONDA (Caliber 762) and 100% genuine leather, the watch sits nicely on the wrist and isn’t overpowering yet still has a noticeable profile.

You are the age of racing with time. You have no time to be careful, you have no time to worry - and why should you?

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