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Remember why we started

Updated: Dec 4, 2017

Memento by the Hood allows for customization by incorporating any preferred picture onto the lower half of the watch-face. The idea was given rise from feelings of yearning & nostalgia; memories can be captured and contained in the form of “mementos”, right in the watch itself. 

In the movie Cast Away, Chuck’s wife gave him a pocket watch with her photo in it. The watch itself became an essential survival tool for him to stay alive after being stranded on an island (from the plane crash), in the hopes of meeting her again.

Before deciding to leave the island for good, he made the pocket watch into a necklace and wears it all the time, close to his heart.

Although it is unlikely that we will be stranded on a deserted island, there are moments when we feel lost and stranded in today’s unforgiving and stressful society. These aforementioned moments of such can make us feel vulnerable and insecure. However, there are ways to battle these situations; like Chuck, we need to persevere through these hard times by remembering the cherished moments with loved ones (and keeping them close to our hearts) – ultimately, moments like these give meaning to our lives.

Madroc Hood Memento serve to remind people of their happy moments, where each ticking second reminds them the beauty in life, no matter the situation. With Madroc Hood, each timepiece comes with its own story – a story that needs you to create and inspire the people around us, with each unique memory.

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