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I hope that my death will make more cents than my life 

Our latest collection Perspective allow customer to customize engraving at the side of the watch (On a high grade Italian Leather Strip).

Each watch can be a representation of your story or serve as a memento to reminds you of the core value you held on to.

Your Watch, Your Story:

In the movie "Joker"

The joker was ready to kill himself at the Murray Franklin Show

He was rehearsing it in the dressing room with a gun pointing

at his jaw and his punchline was going to be:

I hope that my death will make more cents than my life 

Notice that at his writing there is an correction before the words cents,

I believe it was originally intended to be "Sense",but joker decide to change it to "Cents",

which makes me wonder why 

What would make more money when they are dead? 


The work of an artist will exponential

increase after his/her death.

Take Vincent Van Gogh for example;

his painting is worth millions but he dies in poverty,

Joker was ready to die as an artist and to be remembered as one. 

It may seem dark but it is meaningful

when you realize that we are all gonna die one day,

then it makes sense to

find what you love and let it kill you. 

Death is a work-in-progress.

The better question isn’t when you’re going to die

—it’s what are you choosing as your vehicle to get there?

Mark Manson

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