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How Packaging Defines A Brand

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Each brand has its own identity, which is made up of various elements that makes the brand unique. often, we might overlook the brand's packaging, as hurried unboxing tends to be the main priority (so as to reach the gift soonest). The subconscious notion of excitement and delight might be already a product of the gift's packaging. In reality, packaging serves as an instrument to distinguish one brand from the others, and more importantly to define their distinctiveness; packaging is no longer just an appendage, but an essential part of the whole product.

You may have seen our latest gift box packaging by now, but the meaning and story behind it is untold. So let us share with you here! It took us a journey of self-discovery & happenstance before finalizing our packaging design. The inspiration came to us one day when we were attending a birthday party, and just like any other birthday party we had friends coming together in a cozy restaurant at the heart of Kuala Lumpur with flowers, cake and presents. The moment after the conclusion of the birthday song, we handed the present to the birthday girl. Her eyes were glowing with joy the moment she saw the luxurious gift box, with a hardcover premium leather texture in full-black. We realized that packaging plays an essential part for any gift, as again (referenced in the 1st paragraph) the recipient had her excitement level subconsciously stoked, after seeing the luxuriously designed packaging. Since then, we have been in search for inspiration. We have referenced various top luxury brands to understand how packaging defines each of them. Now, let us share with you our findings!

Yves Saint Laurent/ YSL (Saint Laurent Paris)

The French luxury fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner in 1961 is undergoing a re-branding journey. Yves Saint Laurent is now known as Saint Laurent Paris, thus the packaging emphasis on the new brand name and no longer using any acronym like YSL.

Saint Laurent Paris

Color : Black with white print on logo

Box Type : Hardcover with textured finishing


A brand that even a devil cannot resist to wears. The iconic packaging showcases their signature feature - Saffiano leather.

Saffiano leather was first made in one of Italy's most famous tanneries and patent of established design house Prada. Therefore their box has the same finishing as their Saffiano leather texture, setting up its brand identity at its finest.


Color : Dark blue with white print on logo

Box Type : Hardcover with Saffiano textured finishing


Gucci's product most describe as classical vintage, therefore their packaging is in vintage brown color instead of black, the common color for box packaging.

Notice that the logo is comes in gold stamping to be presented as luxurious, and similar to Prada, the box is in their GG (Gucci Guilty) logo print on it as a finishing.

Gold Stamping on Gucci logo and text

GG print is the same on their product


Color : Dark Brown with gold stamping on logo

Box Type : Hardcover with GG logo textured finishing


Bold and daring are the words that I will use to describe this brand. If you are following their recent product's design - Monster bag, fur ball design etc. It is nothing consider conventional - you will know what I mean when you see the bag.

Striking yellow brings out their bold and daring character.


Color : Striking yellow with black printed logo

Box Type : Hardcover material with black border.


Perhaps my favorite design for all. Matte black box with simple white logo on it, Chanel is showcasing what class is.

Whereby the white Camellia, also known as the flower of Chanel, holds a deep meaning behind it too.

At age 13, Coco Chanel the founder of Chanel fall in loves with white Camellia after she read the "The Lady of Camellias" as a story in which the heroine always wore a white camellia, showing to the world that her heart remained pure. Ever since that white Camellia has constantly inspire her on her design pieces.

I believe the video below explain it much better than I do. With only 2 minutes long, the video manage explain almost everything about the flower of Chanel.


Color : Matte black with white logo

Box Type : Hardcover material with white Camellia decoration.

Paper Bag

Louis Vuitton

This distinctive colour has been specially selected to create a new visual signature while it has woven itself into Louis Vuitton’s history since a century and a half. It can be seen on many iconic heritage pieces such as the trunk known as « Citroën » in the Louis Vuitton archives, created for an expedition in Africa launched by the French automobile firm in 1924. - Source from LV


As mentioned Gucci associate themselves with classical vintage, thus their paper bag sometimes comes in varies design that matches the season's collection.

Madroc Hood

With all the references and studies, its time we share how we develop our concept of packaging.

Color Scheme:

Black and White is our primary choice as all our watches feature black and white face, even our thank you card is in B&W since day one.

Minimalist is one of our brand value, thus we keep the design as simple as possible and monochrome.


It was never our intention to brand our watch as luxurious. Our watches are design for you to match well with any type of outfits, which includes street fashion, smart formal and simple casual wear too. Therefore we'd like to add a label that enhances our character just like how Fendi does with it's daring color.

Aspire to inspire, before the time expire

As a startup, we hope that our product can inspire people to start doing what they are passionate about, as our time in life is limited.

Take Me Out

It was rather a playful duo message that telling our customer to take out the protective layer and also wear our watches "out" as a form of (Take Me Out)

On the inside

We separate our watch with leather to emphasis on our detachable strap, allowing customer to experience how easy to fix it onto the watch.

Collection's story

Behind each cover there is the story of the collection, along with it, your name will be personalized on the inner cover, the one and only for you.

Festive Packaging

Inspired by how Gucci change it paper bag to fit it's seasonal collection, we also add in the seasonal touch onto our cover.

Madroc Hood Chinese New Year theme cover

Madroc Hood Christmas theme thank you card

Minimalist and Customizable, are the core values of Madroc Hood which is presented on our premium gift box. Simple and neat on the outside, unfold the box with a story of each collection and customized based on seasonal with each customer name on it.

Everyone is different, unique and carries a different personality. People always talk about first impression, and your fashion defines your character at a glance. Madroc Hood comes with different collection that is suitable for anyone for any occasion. Whether it is a gift for sweet couples, professional working adults, smart casual yuppies, hipster street style and every imaginable style, we have it all for you here.

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