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First mistake we made on a job interview

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Your Watch, Your Story:

Most of us made a mistake before the job interview even begins

The mistake is that we set our objective as: To be accepted for the role this invite unnecessary stress of worrying “Will you be accepted?”

And it put ourselves to be fixated into an objective that we have very little control of

Based on dichotomy of control; one of Stoicism’s simplest and most powerful ideas.

There are 3 types of scenarios in our life.

1) Scenario that within our Circle of Control

Answer all interview question the best way possible

2) Scenario that is not within our Circle of Control

What if there is a stronger applicant than me?

3) Scenario that we have no total control but we can influence it

Will I be accepted for the role?

By simply changing the objective from “To be accepted for the role” to “Answer all interview question the best way possible”, you have now put yourself into a scenario where you have total control

Both objectives strive for the same outcome but with total control, you are now free from all unnecessary worries and more likely to achieve your goal.

By identifying all 3 circles, your mind will be clear of unnecessary doubts and will not waste any time on worrying things that you have no control of.

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