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Effortless outfits for guy that will never go out of style

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

The fashion trend is constantly changing, it is difficult for all of us to stay in style. More over, it is even more challenging for guys as it is not in the nature of their behavior to stay fashionable.

Nonetheless, there are few outfits that will never go out of style. So long you keep one of the recommended outfit in your closet, you will be the fashionable cool kid at the block ;)

The "Bad Boy" Outfit

TOO MUCH BLACK! - no one will ever say that. Black is the best color to match anything and you will never go wrong with a leather jacket (unless you are hiking). Not to mention, you will loss extra weight in black outfit, and look extra slim!

  1. Black Leather Jacket - ZARA

  2. Black Cotton Tee - Cotton On

  3. Black Pant - Uniqlo

  4. Leather Boots - H&M

  5. Matte Black Leather Watch - Madroc Hood (Absolute Zero Collection)

Why does it feel so good to be bad?

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Best to match with our full matte black leather watch:

Absolute Zero Collection x Black leather strap

The "Comfy & Casual" Outfit

A great casual sweater that can be thrown over any ensemble with ease. Giving you a clean top sweater with no labeling, pairing with a super fly Yeezy sneaker. A subtle yet outstanding fashion.

Sweater - Uniqlo

Jeans - Uniqlo

Sneaker - Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Silver Case Leather Watch - Madroc Hood (Eclipse Collection)

Simple and casual.

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Best to match with our Silver Case x Matte Black face leather watch:

Eclipse Collection x Brown leather strap

The "Skater Boi" Outfit

Stay dashing with striking colored flannel and a pair of ripped jeans! The key to bring out this style of this is to have distinguish contrast between the top and bottom. If you pick a Red flannel, the best match is with a pair of washed out blue jeans. Another common combination is ark green/yellow flannel with a pair of black jeans. Not to miss out the inner t-shirt or singlet that can be either white, grey or black.

Flannel Shirt - H&M

Ripped Jeans - Bershka

White Tee - H&M

Loafer - Kenzo Tiger Head Loafer

Leather Watch - Madroc Hood (Horizon Collection)

"Like I got ulterior motives"

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Best match with Matte Black Case x White face leather watch:

Horizon Collection x Brown leather strap

The "Classic Gentlemen" Outfit

Manners maketh man, just like the way they dress in the movie "Kingsman The Secret Service". You want to look like a classy gentleman but not overdressing in a casual occasion. Once you suit up the "Classic Gentlemen" outfit you will carry an inconceivable charisma. At the same time, it shows that you respect the occassion without over-dressing.

White Collar Shirt - Muji

Khaki Pant - Uniqlo

Shoes - Gucci GG Supreme

Leather Watch - Madroc Hood (Singularity Collection)

"In the world overwhelming with different trends, I want to remain classic"

Best match with Silver Case x White face leather watch:

Singularity Collection x Vintage green leather strap

Like it? If yes please share this with your friend who need some help in dressing ;P

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