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Customizable Corporate Gifts for Everyone

It’s an constant challenge to prepare a gift for someone who has almost everything. In a corporate setting, a gift that is chosen with consideration can strike the right chord with the recipient; conversely, a haphazardly chosen gift will most likely backfire. What is then the key to the heart? One word, customization.

Customized leather watch strap for Jeffrey

People appreciate gifts that are with forethought, customized and fit for any occasions. There is a saying, “It’s the thought that counts”. Hence, investing enough time choosing a corporate gift is crucial and yet time consuming.

Recently, we had the honor to help a corporate to deliver hundreds of customized watches as a token of appreciation to their customers.

Corporate order for customized watch

It was a great story-telling moment, we were inspired and touched by their story, and we truly understand the gratitude that they wanted to offer it to their customers. With that understanding, customized watch for each individual is the perfect corporate gift. Each of the watches were customized with personalized embossed name, choice of strap color, type of watch face and cursive hand-written appreciation note. No doubt that there is immense preparation to design, prepare and deliver the corporate gifts, but the smile and impressive expression from the customer's face made all the effort worthy.

We added hand-written golden inked-cursive writing to address each individual's name

Madroc Hood offers fully customization watches as corporate gifts, which can help to connect with your customers & employees much more meaningfully. Our in-house design team provides services for watch engraving and customization. Our strength lies with not only fulfilling large orders, but also do it at exceptional prices; this makes Madroc Hood the utmost choice for a thoughtful and customized corporate gift.

Customized corporate message, customized individual names and customized emboss leather watch strap

Tips to prepare a thoughtful corporate gift:

1. Customize the gift – make someone feel special receiving it

2. Special note – address the message to the person’s name

3. Insert a short (less than 100 words) appreciation message on behalf of the company

4. Customize the gift your company logo – on the gift box or card or etc

5. Choose a reliable corporate gift partner – you do not want to deliver your corporate gifts after the special date

6. Plan in advanced – no unwanted surprises.

The experience was over-whelming for us and we apologized that we are temporary out-of-stock due to this. Our new badge of watches are coming tune, stay tune for more exciting wrist watch from us.

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift – Pierre Corneille”

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