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Beach Time | Maldives

Updated: Dec 4, 2017

Have you been to the paradise of the beach?

The Maldives conjure up images of pristine beaches, reef-ringed atolls, and luxurious bungalows on the water.  The weather in the Maldives is tropical so unpredictable. It can be stormy with heavy rain one minute, and sunny blue skies next. The minute you arrived at the Maldives island, you get this amazing feeling to be disconnected from the mundane world.

Every minute on the beautiful island extolls one from the rigors of society; you don’t have to worry about getting around, meals, or things to do. The hospitality provided by the host will make you feel like a monarch living in paradise and worry-free.

Singularity - classic black strap leather watch

We spent our days trying not to burn ourselves on the white-powder beach, reading books, and drinking wine(free flow), stuffing my face, retiring for more reading and maybe a movie. Of course, not forgetting to pop the classic champagne for a toast. 

Singularity - classic brown strap leather watchLife on the island was easy, time was almost at the singularity - simple watch.

The ocean was so calm, we can see through the sea-bed and beautiful marine life by the beach. When I was snorkelling, I almost got myself confused that I was swimming in a big pool. The luminous cyan-blue water like this almost nowhere else on earth. Until a baby shark swam by my side, and I got a shocked from it. But very soon, I realised that these baby sharks are innocent and they are just roaming around freely. Can you imagine swimming at the beach side with baby sharks? That is what makes Maldives amazing.

Pop a Moet Chandon champagne with a pair of classic Minutes by the Hood-Singularity

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