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9 Creative gift for this Valentine by local artisan

Updated: Jan 27, 2018

It is the meaning behind the gift that matters most when we give someone special a gift. In the past, you might have bought some mediocre gift, that is unable to represent a meaningful message on behalf of you. It is essential to get a gift that can truly elaborate the meaning behind the thoughtfulness and more importantly, to enhance the atmosphere for your Valentine's Day.

With our experience participating in the various local bazaar, we found out that there are plenty of outstanding products that are produced by the local artisan. This Valentine's Day, we would like to share 9 hand-picked creative gifts for you by the local artisan!

1) Salang Design 人設計

Salang Design offers various design of embroidered apparel patches. That allows you to iron and stick it on a tee/ jacket to create your own customized outfit!

WHY? Because...why would you want to buy a common couple tee when you can design yourself!? You can DIY it with all your favorite characters (variety of choices) as quirky as you like.

Photo credits to Salang Design 仨人設計


Instagram: @salangdesign

2) The Apothecary Malaysia

The Apothecary is line of easy-to-use men/ women’s handcrafted solid colognes in a variety of scents, made in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A cologne or perfume is a common valentine gift (right?). Instead of getting him/her the commonly displayed on-the-shelves or heavily advertised brand, why not this pocket-size unique colognes a try? Photo credits to The Apothecary Malaysia

Website: @theapothecarymalaysia

3) Habitatt Supply Co

Habitatt Supply Co is a designer store in Kuala Lumpur, that produces the finest quality designed temporary tattoos. The tattoos uses non-toxic soy based ink.

Valentine's Day is such sweet season, and definitely a season for sweet couples moment shot! To make it even more match-able with each other, nothing can beat the sweetness of a pair of matching tattoos! On top of that, you can customize your own tattoo sticker too! #OMG Photo credits to Habitatt Supply Co

Check out their brand new collection!

Loved their tattoos so much we even try it on ourselves <3



Instagram: @habitatt


TYDE offers purveyors of leather goods, a Malaysian brand that offers quality-crafted leather goods. An independent online store, with no strings attached :)

Everything is 100% handcrafted with the choice of engraving your customization message or name.

Contact them for more information.

Photo credits to Tyde_Goods


Instagram: @tyde_goods

5) Madroc Hood

We offer both minimalist & customization watches! The homegrown brand was launched at Kickstarter in 2016. The successful funding encourages us to bring the idea to a scalable business model, and we continue to improve our design selections.

Check out the latest couple watch series or customize your own pair!

Latest Valentine's Day promotion:

You can customize your watch with your own unique design/photos! Our Memento collection with the latest premium gift box:


Instagram: @Madrochood


6) Iconic Atom

ICONIC ATOM is a contemporary-luxe, statement making designer crystal bracelets purveyor that ventured to the jewelry and accessories industry in 2014.

All pieces in their collections are originated and designed by the founder cum Jewelry Designer - Kenny Lo, with special care using only the finest gemstones and quality crystal.

None of their pieces are mass-produced; every piece is a one-off design as part of the unique quality of the product. It is a one in a million design, making it a accessories that will avoid you from clashing fashion frustration.

If she is a fan for gemstone, this will be the perfect gift for her.

Photo credits to Iconic Atom


Instagram: @iconic.atom

7) JustPlant

Succulents & cactus are amazing plants. JustPlant wants to help you craft succulent arrangements that will thrive under minimal care.

A cool and lively gift! You can also contact them for custom arrangements!! Photo credits to JustPlant


Instagram: @justplantmy

8) Sewfabby

Personalized handmade & embroidery items. Each of Sew Fabby's product is hand-made personally by the owner, with lots of care & love in a smoke free area.

Everything is customizable! Imaging having a matching towels, pillow and bag tags <3 Now thats what I call a lovely home set.



Instagram: @sewfabby

9) Black Milk Project

Black Milk Project believe that personalization is the key and the unique selling point for black milk project’s services & product line

You can grab as many adorable items as your want, from pillow, tee/ toddler tee, stamp, and countless variety!

For me, my personal favorite is their DIY toy pack, imagining doing that together with your love one! That is just perfect for me!

Photo credit to Black Milk Project



Instagram: @blackmilkproject

That is all from us! The 9 hand-picked selection for you on this coming Valentine! Hope this helps you to shortlist your Valentine's gift and wait no more to place your order! Most of the online purchase require delivery time, make sure you are on time with this. <3

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