Like most people, we have our regular day jobs which we are contented with and also enjoy the company of the people whom we work with. However, we felt there was always something missing that makes us feel our lives were unfulfilling.


Perhaps, we felt a little… lost? This has stoked the flames of our entrepreneurial spirit and led us to this project.

Many businesses aim to solve other peoples’ problems, but we are doing is different; we truly sought to fill our own void of life’s mundane journey. Hence, Madroc Hood was born.


The idea developed from our sense of being lost in our lives and this has spurred us to help people regain themselves again.

We wanted to remind people of their happy moments, even though they might have bad times. Like a war-weary soldier who puts a photo of his beloved daughter in his pocket watch, we yearn for people to keep a piece of their happiest moment close to their wrist, where each ticking second reminds them the beauty in life, no matter the situation.

With Madroc Hood, each timepiece comes with its own story – a story that needs you to create and inspire the people around us, with each unique memory.

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